Its a Dream, its a Passion

Hi so you have found my blog Crazyluzer well you won’t regret it, Fashion has always been my passion ( that rhymed). I’ve always want to express myself and the way I dress is one way and also writing. When I was I think 7 or 8 years old and I was watching the show “Project Runway” and seeing all the contestants showing their ideas through clothing it inspired me to want to become a designer. I would be in my room attempting to create a dress with my blankets it didn’t work out.

I have always had a dream that one day i will be able to go to Fashion week and watch the models walk the runway, see all the different  designers work, and be able to interview the designers or even be one of the designers. Fashion is like walking art. Everyone has different style and  its amazing.

When I got older i started going through different styles. I first started dressing like my mom just in child form, then I had a Nancy Drew stage where I dress like her, I had a semi-Goth style wearing i would wear all dark colors. Now my style is edgy, grungy and causal; my wardrobe it basically black, navy blue, white, purple and some bright colors. I prefer to wear shorts/jeans and a t-shirt then a skirt/dress but I will once in a while. This is just a glimpse of my style because I want to share my ways of styling certain pieces of clothing.

If you want me to style certain pieces comment down below 🙂


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