I Wear the Same Outfit

Outfit repeating use to be something that bothered me a lot, I felt as though people would notice and maybe people do, but I’ve come to a point were I really don’t care. I find myself alternating through the same cycle of clothes (if you’re wondering, yes I do my laundry) changing certain things or wearing the exact same outfit i wore a week ago. I do that because it’s what I’m comfortable with and I like it. I have been living for my BDG girlfriend jeans, I love how they fit and how high waisted it is, to be the perfect pair of jeans. I also have this black and white crop top I bought from Brandy Melville, which I’ve worn to death but I just love it. Similar to a television character who wears the same thing, I thought about it; high waisted jeans and crops tops are my go to outfit.


Alexander Wang NYFW

These are some of the pieces from the Alexander Wang S/S 2015 runway show, also some of my favorite piece. The outfits give a futuristic vibe with the different patterns and the bright colors. We see different textures from beaded tops to some mesh, we also see a lot of cut outs. The top in the first outfit I really want in my wardrobe. 🙂



Which are your favorite looks?

Picture are from Style.com

Winter Essential

Winter Essential

Monki long cardigan
$68 – monki.com

Shirts top

Cat sweater
$31 – ringsandtings.com

Banjo & Matilda pants

Trasparenze chevron tight
$32 – pret-a-beaute.com

Green pants

Jigsaw beanie hat
$81 – jigsaw-online.com

Black beanie