HI! I’m Luz and I am a procrastinator; that’s is a very sad thing to admit about, but yes I am. Well school has started for me yay (sarcasm) which means homework time!!! The problem is that its not a lot of work, I just make it a lot of work because I wait till the last minute. URGH I get so distracted so easily, to the point were I actually decide clean my room instead of doing homework which I guess I can say isn’t really procrastinating but still… I find myself watching the most random-est videos on youtube like babies laughing to pancake art ( I get bored very fast). Now I get work done in very small amounts which take FOREVER. This past summer I had an assignment for my A.P class I’m taking this year, it was I had to write 2 outline, and four essays, when I first was assigned it I thought “This is so much work, I will start this A.S.A.P,” nope that didn’t happened. I took me a month to do the first outline because I was so lazy, then I literally realize CRAP I only have 3 weeks to finish the rest of this assignment. I finished the 2nd outline in about a week and held off doing the essay until the day before school ( not the best thing to do) FOUR essays in one day. When I finished the entire assignment it hit me ” Wow if I didn’t procrastinate, I probably would have been able to finish every thing in less then a month,”. So there’s a little story that happened.

Now I want to update about this blog. It’s not procrastination that is preventing me from posting it two things: writers block and lack of confidence, you see I read a bunch bloggers and compare my content to theirs and the quality of my picture and stuff like that and feel meh. Just now I come to realization I shouldn’t really care because they’ve been blogging for X amount of years of course they amazing. Also don’t tell anyone about my blog because honestly in this generation how many people actually take them time to read anymore. I want to start a Youtube channel but yet again I don’t know how I feel about it, but I am gonna get a schedule and figure out when to post something.

COngratz if you actually made it this far in the post. Yes this one involves a lot of reading but this only happens rarely.

Luz 🙂


Hello…again (life update)

So Hi long time no post. It’s been a long time since I have posted here on a long time and the reason is I had no idea on what to write, also I have been caught up with school and sports. When I started my blog I thought I was going to talk about fashion and beauty which I am but then I realize that I didn’t just want to just write about that because this is my blog and I want to make it more ME.

I would think that I don’t have any beauty or fashion product to talk about what am I going to do or my blog isn’t good like everyone else which brought me down and not want to write anything, I was inspired by a lot of other bloggers and at first I was like “I want to have a blog like that and I want it to be like this,” until that little voice inside my head was like “Do what you want to do say what you want to,” . So  NO MORE I’m not going to compare my blog to others and I’m just going to write what I want and make me happy. So I will be posting a usually beauty/ fashion post but I will also post some random post about something else.

Also fun fact I sew.. well I know how to but I just have not bought any pattern paper which I should get on that so yea comment down below if you like to see some D.I.Y stuff.

Yea that’s what happen so far

L.A 🙂 ❤


Its a Dream, its a Passion

Hi so you have found my blog Crazyluzer well you won’t regret it, Fashion has always been my passion ( that rhymed). I’ve always want to express myself and the way I dress is one way and also writing. When I was I think 7 or 8 years old and I was watching the show “Project Runway” and seeing all the contestants showing their ideas through clothing it inspired me to want to become a designer. I would be in my room attempting to create a dress with my blankets it didn’t work out.

I have always had a dream that one day i will be able to go to Fashion week and watch the models walk the runway, see all the different  designers work, and be able to interview the designers or even be one of the designers. Fashion is like walking art. Everyone has different style and  its amazing.

When I got older i started going through different styles. I first started dressing like my mom just in child form, then I had a Nancy Drew stage where I dress like her, I had a semi-Goth style wearing i would wear all dark colors. Now my style is edgy, grungy and causal; my wardrobe it basically black, navy blue, white, purple and some bright colors. I prefer to wear shorts/jeans and a t-shirt then a skirt/dress but I will once in a while. This is just a glimpse of my style because I want to share my ways of styling certain pieces of clothing.

If you want me to style certain pieces comment down below 🙂