Airport outfit & carry on

Summer is here and we all are excited to go travel places. I want to share what I would wear to the airport or what I would wear on the plane. Typically you would dress comfortable. This is what I wore on the plane Image

I’m wearing a :

Totoro t- shirt from Mitsuwa

Bubblegum leggings from Delia’s

grey Toms

I love those leggings they are so soft. I brought a sweater with me since it can get cold on the plane as well. I suggest to wear shoes that are easy to take off when you are at security because the last thing you want to do is untie your shoes and then tie. I wore Toms because they are easy to slip on and off, but wear what you feel most comfortable in.

What I brought in my carry on is a pillow, books, ipod , tablet, phone, lip balm and sweater.

Leave in the comments what you like to wear on the plane and what you bring in your carry on 🙂


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