I Wear the Same Outfit

Outfit repeating use to be something that bothered me a lot, I felt as though people would notice and maybe people do, but I’ve come to a point were I really don’t care. I find myself alternating through the same cycle of clothes (if you’re wondering, yes I do my laundry) changing certain things or wearing the exact same outfit i wore a week ago. I do that because it’s what I’m comfortable with and I like it. I have been living for my BDG girlfriend jeans, I love how they fit and how high waisted it is, to be the perfect pair of jeans. I also have this black and white crop top I bought from Brandy Melville, which I’ve worn to death but I just love it. Similar to a television character who wears the same thing, I thought about it; high waisted jeans and crops tops are my go to outfit.



What is Crazyluzer?

Crazyluzer is a blog I started when i was entering my freshman year of high school. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted in life; All I knew that summer was I wanted to talk about fashion. I didn’t know what I was writing about, most of the time I took ideas from other blogs and put my twist on it. I fell into a rut and post on and off. I told myself “write what you want to write about,” or  “what you want to read,”. That never really happened.

I’ve had this blog for four years collecting dust on the internet. Fast forward to now, I’m entering my senior year of high school which is terrifying but exciting. I finally (somewhat) get to work on something I’m passionate about, which is art. I’m applying to art school, for fashion design and I want to record my work and my journey through it and throw just whatever all here. This is very brief, but this is the end of my hiatus and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

She’s Alive (I’m back)

So its been over a year since my last post (oops). I lost interest in blogging because I felt like I had nothing better to say and who would be interested. I started this blog in July 2013 because I wanted a way to express my love for fashion but like now I realize I want to this blog to be about anything. So crazyluzer.com is going to have a little change, i named the blog “Crazyluzer” because I was in middle school and it used to be my  Instagram handle but it doesn’t really represent me anymore I think its time for a change. I want the blog to grow and change while I grow and change. Long story short I do plan on changing my blog name and the content that I post. This was a short and sweet update from me