Yes I am weird :P

So stepping away from beauty and fashion for a minute. I’m going to share some weird facts about me because why not 🙂

  1. The first thing is crime shows like the ones that are shown on the investigation channel. I used to think that people would actually film people killing people for entertainment.. I know I’m a bit crazy and weird but thats what I used to think until my mom told me those are just actor reenacting the crime…. just a moment of silence…
  2. The “D” in Disney so I know I’m know that I am not the only one who thought  the “D” was a backwards “G” with a line through it. (lol) Gisney..

BeFunky_disney-logo (2).jpg I am I the only one that see the “G” I hope not.. now I know it is disney

3. Carmex Lip balm I use to thing Carmex was a glue company. So when ever I saw a person putting on Carmex i would think ” Why are you putting glue on your face!”

 this is the lip balm and this what I thought 

4. The Bear in the Big Blue House freaked me OUT as a child I thought he would eat me and I never understood why people liked him he just scared me…..

 his head is not proportionate to his body!!!!!!

5. So I don’t know if this is weird but I use to know like my straight hair i want the loose curly hair this is before I knew how to use a curling iron but now  I like hair the way it is 🙂

6.  I did not like chunky heels I used to think that they would be heavy and unflattering but now I love them I’m pretty sure all my boots are chunky heels

7. I don’t like toes I honestly don’t know why they just bother me so much…..

8. I used to never understand dark lipstick because I didn’t understand why people want to have dark lips and that it would get all over your teeth but now I think they are so cool ( yea I’m i know)

9. To this day I don’t understand why there are bright neon colors in makeup palettes because unless it is halloween or you are doing a photo shoot I don’t see people ever wearing those colors unless you don’t care what people think 🙂

So those are some weird facts and honestly I was having a writers block and I couldn’t think of anything fashion and beauty related things but some of the facts are kind of beauty and fashion related(ish)

Tell me if you like these ” Get to know me” post and comment down a weird fact about yourself



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