OOTD – L.A going to NYC

So a little story is my initials are L.A and yes my shirt does say L.A, I wear the shirt purposely just for the irony.

lki.jpgShirt: Delia*s

Shorts: Macy’s

Shoes: converse (not shown)


I was nominated for a Liebster!!

 Hi so on April 1st I was nominated for Liebster award which is amazing and shocking because this has never happen to me. My real life and internet friend Ann Nominated me. So Ann if you’re reading this Thank you so much

So first 11 random facts about me 

1. I am 5’1 (yes I’m a shorty) and I hope I continue to grow

2. I love Girl scout cookies so much my favorites are Thin mints or Samoas which not a lot of people like

(Frozen thin mints and ice cream are the best)

3. I love to be alone most of the time I am able to think clearly and sometime you just space

4. I’m very indecisive when it comes to buying thing first I would be like ” I love it” the a few minutes later I’m like ” well do I need or do I really like”

5. I HATE being cold so winter is my least favorite season

6. most of my clothing is black, grey or dark blue…. so not much color

7. The worst haircut I had was when I got full bangs they looked awful on me *cringe*

8. I am on a fencing team

9. I was pescetarian for 3 months but there were some foods I couldn’t give up

10. i can be very disorganized

11. My locker in school is filled with water… I don’t know why I guess I’m just lazy..

Ann’s questions

1. What is your favorite song lyric?

“Do you want to be a snowman?” – Frozen

2. How did you find your favorite singer/band?

This one is hard I am between Panic at the disco and Fall Out Boy

3. Favorite show?

There are so many I really like: Law and Order SVU, DOCTOR WHO and Sherlock

4. What grosses you out?

Blood and when people pick their noses

5. Have you ever dyed your hair? If not, what color would you dye it?

Yes I have dyed it 4 times red, purple, pink and currently its an ombre

6. What are three objects you’d take with you on a island?

Food, water and a boat

7. Hot or cold beverages?

Depends on the weather I like both

8. Favorite food?

Sushi or Mac and Cheese

9. Can you play an instrument?

I can play the violin

10. What do you and your best friend(s) do when hanging out?

We usually hang out at their house, eat pizza, watch a movie, take ridiculous snapchats

11. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Scarlet Johanson, Stanley Tucci and Jennifer Lawrence ( i couldn’t pick one)

Who I nominate






Question to answer

1. what is something you are proud of doing?

2. what superpower do you wish you had?

3. favorite song(s)?

4. Food you dislike?

5. what annoys you the most?

6. Are you a patient person?

7. Any pets? if so what kind, if not do you want one and what kind?

8. what is the worst joke you have heard?

9.Favorite show?

10. Favorite quote you live by?